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Collect with respect.

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Collect With Respect

Collect with respect

Our practice is focused on the concept of enhancing the customer / creditor relationship by treating consumers with respect. We strive to represent all of our clients in the most professional and ethical manner.

Lippman Recupero team members are trained to create a positive outcome in an industry generally perceived in a negative manner. That is the foundation of Collect With Respect™.

Owing a debt can be difficult or embarrassing. Often consumers just want to tell their story, and our initial approach is to listen and assist them with finding a solution to resolving their balance.

We find that this is much more favorable for our clients as short term payment plans are more easily reached without the cost of suit, and this also greatly reduces the potential of a complaint or FDCPA violation.

The firm has a zero tolerance policy concerning any abusive communications with consumers. There is no need to use intimidating tactics when we have the ability to utilize the legal system for post judgment execution.

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