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Expedient Workflow & Recovery

Expedient Workflow & Recovery

Lippman Recupero utilizes workflows that are timed and action driven. Our clients don’t need to prompt us to move files forward. All actions are preprogrammed from placement to post judgment execution.

Upon placement our collection representatives immediately search for assets, screen for incarceration, make verbal and written demands, and evaluate commercial viability where appropriate.

We will not recommend that clients sue every file if we don’t believe recovery is possible. Our clients are provided with detailed notification on each file as to why we would or wouldn’t recommend suit.

All files are scrubbed for deceased and bankruptcy status once per week. Military scrubs are performed a minimum of once monthly in addition to at placement, pre-suit and pre- judgment.

Once a file is in suit, all staff actions are preprogrammed into our system, and appropriate tasks are identified and actions taken upon events such as if an answer is filed by the defendant, moving forward with a default is required, or even if service was not completed. These actions carry the case to judgment, whether that be from default, summary disposition, or a trial verdict.

After judgment is obtained our post judgment collection efforts are swift. We again make attempts to arrange payment, while simultaneously reconfirming property ownership for recordation of judgment liens, searching for employment every two weeks on all open inventory for wage garnishments, and attempt bank garnishments where available and appropriate.

Our recovery team moves quickly to utilize all recovery strategies available, and to produce a more expedient and higher rate of liquation for our clients.



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