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Internal Audit & Collection Call Scorecards

Internal Audit

Lippman Recupero strongly believes that what is measured is improved. The firm maintains an intensive scheduled internal audit program that enables management and the firm compliance manager to audit and oversee all areas of production in each department.

After auditing individual accounts, collection calls or overall inventory, the firm managers and compliance manager will provide regular positive feedback, or address areas of concern as needed with individuals or group team members.

Daily Collection Call Scorecards

Every Lippman Recupero collector receives one collection call scorecard per day from their supervisor. The supervisor listens to each audited call in its entirety, while filling out an automated collection call scorecard which drives the call scoring process. The end results in a final score that guides the supervisor to provide the appropriate follow up advice, activity or training required.

After the scorecard is completed, a copy is immediately auto generated to the supervisor and the compliance manager. The supervisor then shares the results with the collector and gives feedback, or training as needed.

All call scoring data is stored in a centralized database for overall and individual employee historical analysis. Further, all scorecards are saved within the collection system history, and are uploaded daily to clients.

By regularly measuring results and providing regular feedback and training we find that the collection staff maintains a higher level of call quality and increased recovery results.



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