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Collect with respect.

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Lippman & Reed strengths are our core principals.

  • Collect With Respect
  • Provide Superior Customer Service To Clients
  • Utilize Up To Date Technology To Drive Expeditious Workflows
  • Maximize All Collection Strategies

Collect With Respect

Our entire staff is trained to treat every person with respect. We find that this approach is much more favorable for our clients as short term payment plans are more easily reached and this also greatly reduces the potential of a complaint or FDCPA violation. There is no need to use intimidating tactics when we have the ability to utilize the legal system for post judgment execution.

Superior Customer Service

Lippman & Reed knows that providing top levels of customer service is one of the most important responsibilities we have. We have a dedicated support team available who strive to respond to all client request the same day. All incoming requests are logged and anything not responded to by the next business day goes onto a daily report to management and stays on the report until completed. Our goal is to never see a second or follow up request.

Up to Date Technology & Expeditious Workflows

Lippman & Reed utilizes the most recent version of JST CollectMax software. This program enables us to customize workflows that are timed and action driven. Our clients don’t have to prompt us to move a file forward. All actions are preprogrammed from placement to post judgment execution.

Upon placement, and depending upon account type, our collection representatives immediately search for assets, screen for incarceration, make verbal and written demands, file claims if carriers are found on torts, and confirm business standing and licensing if commercial. If by the third week after placement and after multiple contact attempts we have been unable to secure payment, we will complete our presuit screening and send our suit recommendation unless suit is preauthorized by our client.

We will not recommend that clients sue every file if we don’t believe recovery is possible. Our clients are provided with detailed notification on each file as to why we would or wouldn’t recommend suit.

Once the file is in suit all staff actions are preprogrammed into our system depending on if an answer is filed by the defendant, moving forward with a default or even if service was not completed. These actions carry the case from filing to default or trial to judgment.

Maximize All Collection Strategies

After judgment is obtained our post judgment collection efforts are swift. We again make attempts to set up payments while simultaneously reconfirming property ownership and recording liens, searching for employment for wage garnishments, attempt bank garnishments when appropriate, or suspend licenses on torts. Our recovery team moves quickly to utilize all recovery strategies available and produce a higher and faster liquation rate for our clients.



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