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"Hi David, I hope you don't mind me including my director in on this note. I like to share these successes with her. I am so very happy we have partnered with you. Nothing but hard work and resulting successes since! You have a passion for our files that we very much respect and appreciate. Please share this with your staff. They embody greatness and do such fine work on our files! It's stories like this case that prove a point. I always appreciate your notes on your monthly recoveries too. I know some of them are stretch cases and lower dollar, but you don't treat them as such. You and your staff work them like they are gold. Thanks again so much for the partnership."

– Client Testimonial

"If I ever find the misfortune of having another collection judgment against me, I hope your firm handles it – you were very fair and friendly to help me make the payments needed. I had tried and tried to work with XXXX directly but they refused so it was refreshing to have your firm be so easy to work with."

- Defendant Testimonial

"Never before have I worked with a law firm that is so responsive to our needs as a client. I've always had to push for results but with your firm I know I can just place my accounts and wait for the checks to begin arriving. As someone with over 20 years in the credit and collection industry I can confidently recommend Lippman Recupero as one of the best collection law firms to work with."

- Client Testimonial



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